Terms and Consitiond

Your Roadmap to an Exceptional Partnership

Where if the content says ‘We’, it refers to DigiTech Monster Services or someone acting on DigiTech Monster Services’ tacit directions. The term ‘you’ refers to the individual who purchases the services as well as any third party working on the client’s behalf. The consumer of services, or any party operating on the purchaser’s orders, is referred to as a ‘Member’. The individual registering for a domain name, as well as any party working on the Registrant’s orders, is referred to as “the Registrant.” The related domain names Registry is referred to as “the Registry.” The data server equipment used to provide the Services is referred to as a “server.” The region on the Server that we assign to you for use as a website on the Internet is referred to as a “Web Site.” This contract is included in the ‘Terms of service’.

DigiTech Monster Services reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, with the change taking effect immediately after it is posted to this URL: https://digitechmonster.com/ the parties have agreed to the following, which will apply during the term of the contract, in exchange for the reciprocal commitments here with:


The Developer may, but is not obligated to, provide domain name registration and hosting through a third-party service at its disposal.

The Customer acknowledges that registering a domain name doesn’t quite imply that the name has the right to be used. The Client is responsible for making sure that the domain name is properly registered. The Developer assumes no responsibility, and the Customer agrees to immunize and keep the Developer free from any lawsuit arising from the Customer’s domain name registration.

We take no claim that the domain name you want to register is available for registration by or for you, or that it has been registered in your name. As a result, you can not presume that your desired domain name(s) has/have been registered until you’ve been informed that it has/have been registered. Any move you make prior to receiving such notice is at your own risk.

We offer no representations or warranties about the accuracy or consistency of information obtained through the Server, and we will not be liable for any loss or harm to data stored on the Server. In the event that data stored on the Server is lost or damaged, you must purchase additional backup services.

We highly recommend taking a timely backup of your data and save it to your personal computer.

The domain name is registered as in the Customer’s name and address information. The Customer should be mindful that a domain name is registered via a third party, and as a result, the Client agrees to completely comply with the third party’s terms and conditions for these services.

The Customer agrees to assume full legal obligation for the use of third-party domain names and hosting services, as well as to provide the third-party services with accurate information.

The Customer acknowledges that if their contact information changes at a certain time, it is their duty to update and correct their information. Inability to do so may result in the Client not receiving renewal invoices for the domain name and hosting services.

We would not be held liable for the use of a domain name; any conflict for both you and another party must be settled between the parties involved in the dispute. If a conflict occurs, we reserve the right to withhold, suspend, or terminate the domain name / hosting service at our convenience and without giving an explanation. We would also have the right to make representations to the appropriate naming authority, but we would not be required to participate in any such conflict.

The Customer agrees to assume complete responsibility for all use of the domain name, hosting, and email services, as well as to completely comply with the third-terms party’s and conditions for those services.
We will not transfer a domain to another user until we have obtained full payment for that domain.


You would not publish, connect to, or convey;
Any content that DigiTech Monster Services deems to be illegal, violent, abusive, malicious, untruthful, vulgar, pornographic, blasphemous, bombastic, or otherwise offensive in any way.

Any content that contains a virus or some type of malicious computer program.

Any content that promotes or involves the committing of a criminal offense or that violates any copyright, trademark, design right, patent, or other intellectual property right or related acts of any individual that may exist under the laws of any authority.

We reserve the right to terminate the Services at any time and for any reason, with or without warning, however, if the termination lasts or is anticipated to last longer than seven days, you will be informed. It is your duty as a reseller or sub-client to keep track of backups for sites that are either yours or those that are beyond your control.

We as well reserve the right to refuse services/hosting to any client if we deem it appropriate, and we assume no responsibility in this regard. Please keep in mind that we do not provide any compensation for our service uptime guarantee.


All payments for the Services paid from you shall be consistent with the standard of charges and rates released by us on our website periodically and must be liable to pay in advance of our service provision. While all billing is guaranteed for the duration of prepayment, we retain the right to adjust this at any stage.

When the Services are closed, the bill is made on the annual monthly, quarterly, or even year prior to the date the Services were created. You allow DigiTech Monster Services to deduct your account renewal charges from your card if you want to charge by credit or debit card.

All transactions must be conducted in US dollars.


When you do not charge any amounts owed to us when they are due, we will immediately cancel the Services or end this Agreement prior warning to you.

If you violate any one of these terms and conditions, we can immediately cease the services or revoke this Agreement without notice.

Services terminated in compliance with the above points will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to instantly block your website and delete all data held on this website if this Agreement is terminated or the Services are suspended.