What is Google Business Profile? The Boost Your Business Needs to Reach New Heights!

Jun 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Any business today needs to specify visibility on Google or any other search engine. To grow your business, you should have a powerful online presence. The more people know about the products you offer or the services you render, the more sales your business makes. Having amazing visibility on Google as a local business has never been more significant for growth and success. One of the simplest ways for acquiring traffic and clients is to optimize and claim your Google Business Profile listing.

Grabbing more local leads and Google Business Profile are closely connected. It is a feature from Google that assists entrepreneurs with dealing with their online presence across the search engine. For independent companies all over the world, local marketing with Google Business Profile is an important promoting strategy that can truly pay off, especially if you do not have a lot of time or cash to put into a digital marketing strategy. If you are getting started with local SEO, your Google Business Profile presence is an incredible platform to concentrate your initial efforts. It is a strong listing dynamic image of your business that features your best elements and empowers potential customers to quickly find, learn about, and engage with you.

When used in a proper way, Google Business Profile is a useful tool that can increase your income and provide valuable insights to your clients. It gives a list of local businesses and a great deal of data such as a business address, category, reviews, and business hours. If you own a business, anybody can find your Google Business Profile by making related search queries on Google containing location data or an area-based catchphrase or keyword.

Here Are 10 Interesting Google Business Profile Facts You May Not Know About

  • The number of searches containing “near me” has increased by more than 200% over the last two years according to Google’s Consumer Insights!
  • If you can compel potential customers to simply interact with your Google Business Profile, there’s more than a 50% chance that they’ll visit your website.
  • A whopping 97% of users learn about local companies online, with the majority of those users learning about them through GBP panels.
  • 64% of customers use the phone number listing in Google Business Profile panels to reach out to local companies, and this number will likely continue to grow.
  • Car dealerships receive the highest number of calls and website visits from GMB, while hotels have the highest views on search and Maps.
  • Between Q4 2017 and Q4 2018, direct searches grew by 38%, while website clicks from GMB listings grew by 29%.
  • Complete and accurate Google Business Profile listings get 7x more clicks than those missing information and are 70% more likely to attract location visits.
  • Google Business Profile report allows you to view key metrics such as key page facts, reviews, average rating, star rating (overall), star rating, sentiment analysis.
  • 64% of consumers use Google Business Profile to find contact details.
  • People who view your GMB listing will soon after visit your website. 56% will check out your website, 24% will give your business a call and 20% will ask for directions.

Digitech Monster is Here to Help Your Bussiness to Grow on Internet Through Google Business Profile

Digitech Monster assists with driving more web traffic from mobile phones, Google Maps, and local web searches with our Google Business Profile Management Service. We have worked with many brand-new startups and matured small and medium business operations in the different states of the United States. Our GMB services provide complete optimization of your Google Business Profile listing from A-Z. This includes basic keyword research, citation, image optimization, alt text, and brand-building campaigns.

We keep an eye over Google Maps regularly, checking for spam and tactics like a catchphrase or keyword stuffing, virtual offices, fake addresses, multiple postings, and other awful practices that manipulate SEO results. We are experienced in promoting the business locally through Google Maps to drive neighborhood traffic of clients to your site. We have put resources into the most recent Google Business Profile services, including training, management tools, and reporting, to offer clients the best opportunity to outclass their rivals. We publish new content to engage with your potential clients and direct people to your site and assemble excellent connections applicable to your industry and content. When you hire Digitech Monster to improve your GMB page, you will have peace of mind that it was set up, verified, and enhanced accurately, so you will be well headed to creating more leads and sales through the web. We help to kill non-fair contenders and open up new ranking opportunities for your own business.

During setting up your Google Maps listing, we optimize for important keywords related to your service or product, including attractive cover photos, listings, and customer surveys and reviews. This gives you the edge over your rivals in acquiring clients across Google Search and Maps and makes your business more conspicuous in search results. Our goal is to make ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by driving web traffic, building awareness, and connecting customers which is to grow your overall sales.


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